All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (2023)

To survive and thrive in a Minecraft world, you need food, items, shelter, and a variety of tables to upgrade tools. Luckily, all of this can be provided by a single in-game mob. Yes, we are talking about Minecraft villagers. These passive mobs are your best friends thanks to trade and the items each of them spawns with. But not all villagers are the same. So, in this article, we are going to explain all minecraft villager jobs in the simplest possible way. Our descriptions here will help you find the best villager type everMinecraft-Biome. And since the villagers haven't changed much in a while, these jobs are holding up even with theMinecraft 1.18-Update. So all you have to do isFind a city in Minecraftand start interacting with the villagers. With that done, we'll take over all Minecraft villager jobs without further delay.

How do villagers get their jobs in Minecraft?

Before looking at the common villager jobs in Minecraft, it's important to understand how these roles are assigned to them. The work of the villagersdepends on the supply blockpresence around you. These blocks are also calledworkstation blocks. For example, if a villager has a composter nearby, they automatically gain the Farmer profession. But unsurprisingly, many villagers are also unemployed due to limited supply blocks.

However, if you want to assign a specific profession to an unemployed villager, you can easily do itBuild and place the required supply block near them. This will automatically make the villager choose the profession associated with that tile. You can then trade completely unique items with the same villager. To keep things simple, we've included crafting recipes for each site block along with a description of each Minecraft Villager job.

How many villager jobs are there in Minecraft?

including unemployed,There are 15 villager jobs in Minecraft. Of these, only 13 are practical professions. However, villagers' appearance may vary depending on the biome they spawn in. In addition, there are also hostile variants of villagers, including zombie villagers, witches, and more. So in total you will find more than 100 different looking villagers. However, we only need to focus on the 15 different types of workers in this guide.

Minecraft Villager Jobs Explained (2022)

Villager jobs remain the same in bothMinecraft Java and Bedrock editions. You can use the table below to find out the job that interests you the most, along with the craftable blocks that the villagers use to get their job done.

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All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (2)

Workstation block: High oven
Job Summary: Trade Iron, Armor, and Chains

Alphabetically, the first job villagers can take is a gunsmith. As the name suggests, a gunsmith is in charge of changing armor. This villager job revolves around a blast furnace used to smelt ores in Minecraft. As for trading, you can get armor pieces, a bell, and a shield. Not to forget that a professional gunsmith can even deliverenchanted diamond armor pieces.


All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (3)

Workstation block: smoker
Job Summary: Offers boiled and stewed meat

The butcher is responsible for providing the cooked meat and curd. Sometimes he even offers 8 pieces of boiled chicken for a single emerald. And if you can't find any other food, butchers are the most reliable food source in the game. A butcher's utility building is the smoker. You can use this table to cook in-game meat faster than in a regular oven.


Workstation block:mapping table
Job Summary: Commercial cards, frames and banners

Cartographers can sometimes be the "most expensive villagers" in the game. But the help they provide is worth it. At the beginning you canGet cards, frames and blank bannersfrom them. But that's not all. They also provide marine and forest exploration maps. You can use the specialized maps to find marine monuments, forest mansions, and buried treasure in the game. The job site or service block for this job is a look-up table. It is mainly used to create maps in the game.


All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (5)

Workstation block:beer stand
Job Summary: Offers magic items, redstone powder, and even a bottle of enchantment

Clerics deliver rare magic items in Minecraft. Among all Minecraft villager jobs, clergy trading usually results in you getting the most interesting items. you can haveRedstone Powder, Lapis Lazuli, Glowstone, Ender's Eye and even a Magic Bottlethe clergy. And even if you can't find a clergyman in your town, you can easily assign this job to a town.Build a beer tent in minecraft. Our guide linked here will help you get started quickly.

5.Bauer- The most popular of all Minecraft Villager jobs

All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (6)

Workstation block:composed
Job Summary: Provides high-end food and ingredients

You can't talk about Minecraft villagers or villager jobs without focusing on the farmers. They are the most popular and common types of villagers in the game. peasants offerHigh end groceries and even some ingredientsfor some ofThe best Minecraft potions. That means you can trade bread, cakes, apples, biscuits, pies and stew at lower levels. Meanwhile, experienced farmers offer golden carrots and shiny melon slices. They usually spawn next to a composter, which is great for creating in-game Bone Meal.


All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (7)

Workstation block:barrel
Job Summary: Offers cooked seafood, campfires, and even an enchanted fishing pole

Fishermen are a relatively new addition to the game. As for the fish, they offerboiled salmon, boiled cod, It is acod bucketin addition. In addition, you can also get an enchanted campfire and a fishing rod from them. Even if you're not a fan of fishing, being a fisherman allows you to trade fish for emeralds, which you can use on villagers who have other jobs in Minecraft. Your Utility Block is a barrel, ideal for storing items.

7.Flechero- The rarest of all Minecraft Villager jobs

All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (8)

Workstation block:feathered table
Summary of work: trade in arrows, flints, bows and crossbows

Fletcher is one of the lesser-known villager jobs in Minecraft. But if you aim well, they can be your biggest asset. You can get arrows, flints, bows, and crossbows from low-level archers. Meanwhile, archers care at a higher levelenchanted bows, enchanted crossbows, it is includedsharp arrows.Unfortunately, your workstation block is a diffusion table with no secondary function. We can only hope that Minecraft will allow us to use it in the future.


All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (9)

Workstation block:Kessel
Job Summary: Trade Leather Armor, Horse Armor, and Saddles

Once popular, leatherworkers are no longer considered as useful as they were in previous versions of Minecraft. This is because they mainly offerArmor parts made of leatherjLeather horse armorNone of them are used by most players. The only useful item you can get from them is a saddle, but again, that's only from a master-level leathercrafter. However, your workstation pad is a melting pot and really useful. You can store water, lava or powder snow in a cauldron. If you're in the Bedrock edition, you can still store potions and colored water.


All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (10)

Workstation block:lectern
Job Summary: Provides enchanted books, compasses, clocks, badges and more

If you knowHow to use enchanted books in Minecraft?, you will love villagers with librarian job in minecraft. They are one of the easiest ways to get enchanted books in the game. But that is not all. you can also getHis,lanterns,Glasbaustein,watches,circle,it is includedname tagsfrom them. Your workstation block is the lectern, which is only useful in multiplayer. It allows you to place books on it, allowing multiple players to read it at the same time.

10Masonthe bricklayer

All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (11)

Workstation block:Steinschneider
Work summary: sells various types of brick, terracotta and quartz.

Our next entry for minecraft village jobs is the one with multiple names. This profession is called Bricklayer in the Java edition of Minecraft and Bricklayer in the Bedrock edition. A bricklayer's job is to deliver a variety of bricks. You can switch to different types of stones, variants ofpolished stone blocks, Shestalactite blocksat lower levels.

At higher levels you can getcolored terracotta, glazed terracotta,Quarzblock, Shequartz columnsin addition. Mason's Workplace Block, the Stonecutter, is used to create stone-related blocks of various sizes. You can make the most of the flowerbed by using theThe best Minecraft seeds for building cities..

11. Nitwit: The least loved Minecraft villager job

All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (12)

Workstation block:N / D
Job Brief: aesthetic value, no other value

I don't want to hurt a player's feelings, but idiots in Minecraft are useless. yourYou can't trade or give idiots a job. Don't confuse them with unemployed villagers that you can assign a job to. The developers included only jerks in the game as a reminder of the aesthetic value that the world of Minecraft has for many.


All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (13)

Workstation block:Tear
Summary of work: Offer decorative items such as colorful wool, carpets and paintings

Unlike the real world, the shepherd job is one of the few Minecraft villager jobs that isn't survival-oriented. They mainly offer decorative items such asbackground,colored wool,pancartas, Shepainting. However, you can also get scissors and beds from them. Most players tend to go to the shepherd just for the paintings. The vicar's work block is much more interesting than the job itself. You can use the loom to create unique patterns on banners with a fascinating in-game editor.


All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (14)

Workstation block:forge table
Job description: Commercial tools such as pickaxe, shovel and hoe

As you can imagine, you can trade with blacksmiths to get various in-game tools like pickaxe, axe, shovel, and hoe. You can even get enchanted tools at higher trade levels. Also sometimesBlacksmiths also offer bellswhen negotiating. Don't forget that you can use the Forge Bench to upgrade Diamond Tools to Netherite Tools, making them the most powerful tools in Minecraft.


All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (15)

Site Block - Use any block (or table) to assign a job
Job Summary: You can accept any job on this list

Unemployed villagers are practically idiots until you assign them a job. All baby villagers become unemployed villagers and stay the same until they find a workstation block for you to craft and place in front of them. Likewise,Breaking a block at work puts a busy villager out of a job. However, you can use this technique to reassign a villager to a different job.

fifteen.gunsmith- The most coveted of all Minecraft Villager jobs

All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (16)

Workstation block:More
Job Summary: Offers minerals, enchanted weapons and bells

Finally, our list of Minecraft villager jobs ends with Gunsmith, the most desirable job. If you race in Minecraft, Blacksmith Chests are even better than your shops. In these chests you will find obsidian, weapons and iron. As for trade, theyoffer swords and axes with and without enchantments. You can also get a bell from them if you need it. You can also use your grinding wheel to repair tools and weapons. It is also the most reliable tool forRemove enchantments in minecraft.

Bonus: Wandering Merchant

All Minecraft Villager jobs explained (17)

Traveling merchants are not necessarily villagers. But that's only because they don't show up in a city. Other than that, they look and behave like villagers, and in fact you canExchange them for exclusive items. Unlike villagers with specific items, a wandering merchant's trade offerings are usually random. From packaged ice cream to flowers, a wide variety of items await you at the retailer.

Also, there is no way to turn a regular villager into a wandering merchant. There is also no way to generate them. a wandering traderis randomly generated with 2 llama traders on a leashto the player after 1 game day. They can appear anywhere within a 48 block radius around your location. So open your eyes.

The ultimate guide to villager jobs in Minecraft

Now that you know all the details about all minecraft villager jobs you are more than ready to make the most of your survival world. And there is no better place to start thanbest minecraft dorf together. You can use these in Minecraft 1.17 and earlier to directly spawn into a variety of unique villagers. But if you've already updated your game, you can check out some of themBest seeds for Minecraft 1.18. Most of them spawn near a town.

In most cases, emeralds are only needed for trading with villagers. You can use oursMinecraft 1.18 Mineral Distribution Guideto easily find emeralds in the game. If you know where to look, emeralds are easy to find. Don't forget to share your favorite Minecraft villager crafts in the comments section. Let's see how many of our readers have the same thought.

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