April Fool's Day 2023: some of the best pranks in the county (2023)

10:58Laie Beck

Napolina and Nivea team up with the first edible fabric mask

Self-care never looked (or tasted) so good - Radiant Lasagna Sheet Mask by NIVEA and Napolina. A world first, a beauty revolution that gives skin nourishment a whole new meaning by being good enough to eat...literally.

Radiant Lasagna Sheet Mask is made with two unique and powerful ingredients, Lycopene's antioxidant properties revitalize the skin while Vitamin C brightens and hydrates. The powerful product offers four instant effects; to alleviate the appearance of fatigue, brighten dullness, reduce fine lines, and nourish the skin.

The makers of Napolina pasta have worked tirelessly to develop the innovative, thin sheet. Enriched with fresh Italian tomatoes and olive oil, the mask can be enjoyed on its own as a delicious snack or as part of a fresh pasta salad after the treatment is complete.

Béchamel Boss in Napolina, said: “We are experts in the pasta industry and years of thought and dedication have gone into creating our lasagna sheets that are out of this world. Because we have the perfect formula to create a sheet and NIVEA are the skincare masters, we felt there was no one better to work with.

“Now, our customers don't just get a taste of Italy, but the way it looks.” Radiant Lasagna Sheet Mask retails for £3.99 and will be available in select stores from 1st April 2023. Check with local retailers for details and introductory offers.

10:45Laie Beck

eurochange announces the launch of its first perfume

In a nod to the world of luxury fragrances and exchange, eurochange, the UK's leading travel money specialist, announces the launch of its first fragrance,Water change via eurochange. Scheduled to hit stores on April 1, 2023, the exquisite fragrance has been masterfully created by world-renowned perfumers who excel in the field of craft beer fragrances.

The unique bouquet invites you on a captivating olfactory journey and embodies the essence of grandeur, sophistication and hard cash. Inspired by the heady scents of newly minted bills and coins, the multi-layered fragrance is meticulously blended with top notes of precious metals and a rich leather base.

The result? A hypnotic blend that reeks of richness and radiance, allowing users to truly smell like a million bucks. Zoe Walker, newly appointed Fragrance Director at Eurochange, commented on the launch: “A bold addition to the world of perfumery, Eurochange Eau de Change offers a truly distinctive and glamorous sensory experience.

"We are excited to diversify our portfolio and invite customers to swap their scent for this seductive money-inspired scent." To celebrate the launch, eurochange collaborated with acclaimed artist Chris P. Banknote to create a limited series of collectible banknotes infused with Eau de Change.

Eau de Change will be available in 50 ml and 100 ml sizes at eurochange branches and selected high-end department stores. For a full exchange experience, prices vary daily.

10:41Laie Beck

Companies team up to create a natural, edible deodorant for dogs

No-waste pet brand Edgard, Cooper and Wild have teamed up to create the world's first natural, edible dog deodorant that will change the game for all pet owners: Poochi Goo-Chi. The product was specially developed to save the day and the nose when looking for your pet.

You can choose from a variety of unique scents to match your dog's personality, including "champagne and caviar", "tennis balls and squirrels", or "sticks and sawdust". One bite and your dog's poop will smell goo-chi all over.

This product is only available on Saturday, April 1st.

10:36Laie Beck

Matt Hancock launches his own cheese brand

Matt Hancock has hired a London advertising agency to help him with the next phase of his branding, which includes launching his own brand of cheese.Cheddar von Matt Hancock.Hancock's eponymous brand, a quintessentially British mature dairy brand, is expected to benefit from Parliament's prominence in the wild, but it remains to be seen whether the UK consumer will be ready to have Matt Hancock in their fridge.

Matt hired independent creative agency Isobel to create the cheese brand, which features Hancock's face and the tagline "Cheese for the People". When asked about brand strategy and creative execution, a spokesperson for Isobel said that one of Hancock's main goals since launching the brand has been to "normalize politicians" and make them "more belonging".

The cheese will launch nationwide on Saturday, April 1 and will be supported through a print, social and OOH campaign.

10:22Laie Beck

Birds Bakery has launched a new line of tasty homemade fragrances

Birds Bakery, the East Midlands favorite bakery, has launched a new range of tasty homemade fragrances, including a pork pie scented candle, a quiche lorraine spray and a cheese straw diffuser. The newly launched line also includes melted beef paste and an automatic sausage roll air freshener.

Renowned for its handmade sweet and savory delights, Birds Bakery expands into the home furnishings market for the first time following extensive market research. Prices for the new range of savory flavorings start at £6.50 for a pack of six meat wax melt pasta and go up to £42 for the whole Birds at Home gift box, including one of each item.

Commenting on the new range, a spokesperson for Birds Bakery said: "Many customers tell us how much they love the smell of freshly baked bread in our stores, so we decided to take this concept further and see how we can improve the already acquaintances Perfumes can take from birds in people's homes.

“The market is already full of sweet fragrances, so savory fragrances created a real differentiator for us. Some of the scents can be a little unconventional, but initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers telling us how relaxing it was to come home after a hard day's work and light that pork pie candle or burn the melted wax on the beef mass.

Birds worked with local aromatherapy expert Faye Grants to create the new range. Faye added, “When Coco Chanel was getting ready to launch her perfume No. 5 in 1921, she sprayed her boutique with the perfume every day. She so impressed her clients that Chanel No. 5 became a worldwide phenomenon.

“People get the same feeling when they walk into a Birds Bakery store filled with so many nostalgic scents. It makes sense to try to capture this experience in other ways. Scented candles can transform your home into a different place and bring back memories of happier times, and the scent of pastel colors can create a calm and relaxing environment.

“It's time to forget the scents of vanilla and bergamot – pork pie and cheese straws are what your home should smell like in 2023.” Many Birds products can also be ordered online and delivered to buyers' homes via Birds By Post or pre-ordered via the Ring and Reserve service.

10:14Laie Beck

Honda introduces technology to limit distractions

Honda introduced the first distraction limiting technology of its kind, HUSH. Designed by Honda with driver comfort in mind, this innovative infotainment system blocks out the most annoying noises at the touch of a button, delivering continuous, progressive and customizable audio.

Standard options include white noise, whale songs, and jazz or blues elevator music. Honda's Ultra Quiet Sonic Hub, or HUSH, is designed for riders who want a little peace and quiet on their rides with young children, partners, in-laws and co-workers.

Drivers can block passenger noise by selecting the HUSH button on the center console. HUSH will be implemented as standard on all new Honda models ordered after April 1, 2023, and HUSH can also be installed on all vehicles manufactured after April 2018.

HUSH features include detection and redirection of unwanted in-car noise: baby crying detection as standard, the option to block noise from the front passenger seat, rear seat or both. It also includes control over the volume of the sound reaching the driver, preset recognition of phrases such as "You missed the turn", "I would have gone the other way" and "We are here", and customization options for voice recognition specifics. , such as partner, father-in-law or son.

Honda developed this new technology to filter out unwanted distractions and help desperate drivers get from point A to point B with minimal stress: no annoying instructions or meaningless yelling, just your favorite sound frequency.

Dessie Bell, director of sound technology at Honda, said: “We surveyed thousands of drivers across the UK to understand their weakest points on the road and it all came down to in-car distractions.

“While backseat drivers have been their biggest frustration, drivers also have to deal with crying children, barking dogs and colleagues on the phone, which is why HUSH was created. Honda's Ultra Quiet Sonic Hub aims to enhance the driving experience.

“Whether you're traveling across the country or cruising around town, HUSH lets you do it without breaking into the car.” This is just the beginning for HUSH, with limited edition systems already in the works for 2024 with an AI plugin to make your passengers sound like their favorite celebrity.

10:12Laie Beck

Burger King announces collaboration with Doritos

Burger King UK has released a preview of their upcoming Doritos collab, bringing out a combo so good it could almost be a joke. Burger King has released Doritos Chilli Heatwave Chicken Fries: a limited edition where America's favorite tortilla chip meets a Burger King® fan-favorite side.

Comprised of a juicy strip of chicken and topped with shredded Doritos coated in the iconic and powerful Chili Heatwave flavor, this new combination delivers a taste experience so epic it's hard to believe it's real. Doritos Chilli Heatwave Chicken Fries takes the delicious lineup of Burger King x Doritos collaborations to the next level after introducing the Grilled Grilled Doritos flavor earlier this month.

10:08Laie Beck

Papa Johns launches new pizza protein drink

Papa Johns has developed a NEW high-protein, pizza-flavored drink called "Drool" that will be released nationwide on May 1st.to connectApril 2023. With pre- and post-workout protein drinks a staple of Gen Z and Millennial diets, the sports nutrition market has grown by over 30% in the last year alone.

Now health-conscious pizza lovers can do just that with Papa John's Drool's new high-protein, ready-to-drink offering. Available in three delicious and refreshing flavors, Cheese and Tomato, All the Meats and The Vegan Works, pizza lovers can now enjoy their favorite meal before hitting the gym.

But that's only half the fun, as the pizza supply chain has achieved a personal best with its latest pizza protein formula. The cheat days will soon be a thing of the past as Drool brings you the delights of flavorful toppings, freshly rolled dough and sauce you'd expect from a Papa Johns pizza, combined with added protein designed for a post-workout boost.

Speaking about the launch, Lisa Floorp, Head of Research and Development at Papa Johns, said: "We are excited to finally launch Drool, a new bottled pizza protein drink fortified with the perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats needed to recharge after we know our customers lead active lifestyles and enjoy their favorite Papa Johns pizza to go, and we're always looking for exciting, market-leading products that resonate with pizza fans.

"Ingredient innovation is at the heart of our menu and we've worked hard to ensure Drool is packed with flavor and quality, so we're confident it will be a hit in gyms across the country."

Health and fitness junkies can check out the new ready-to-drink pizza offering, available to order online or via the Papa Johns app starting Saturday, April 1st.

09:15Laie Beck

KAYAK introduces "Silent Flights" feature to help passengers avoid chatty neighbors

KAYAK has announced a new feature that allows passengers to avoid sitting next to chatty neighbors. Based on KAYAK's unique algorithm of flight data and user reviews, the new Quiet Flights feature helps travelers find flights that are most likely to provide a peaceful, uninterrupted environment.

The new feature comes as a new study of 1,020 UK travelers found that nearly 1 in 5 don't take it.The last judgment of the EUoperate phone-enabled flights within Europe this year, while a staggering 80% of travelers say they are likely to book a flight that offers a "phone-free zone" to limit noise and disruption to other passengers.

When searching for your next flight, simply click on "Silent Flights" and choose between two settings: "No Phone Call Zone" and "No Chat". Choose one or both of these options and voila: you are on your way to a peaceful, tranquil and relaxing travel experience.

The study also revealed how long it took travelers to avoid chatty neighbors on previous flights. More than half admitted to using headphones to clarify the clue, while almost a third (31%) opted to read a book and around a quarter even pretended to sleep just to get some rest in the morning.

Evan Day, Country Manager at KAYAK UK, comments: “We understand that some people may not be able to resist striking up a conversation with their seatmates or using flight time to make phone calls once the new travel legislation comes into effect. the EU for 5G aircraft. . Others just want to sit back, catch some Z's or watch a season of their favorite show at their leisure. With our new silent flights feature, passengers can now easily find quieter companion flights for a more relaxed environment.

“The new filter will not only benefit passengers looking for peace and quiet. The Cathys talkers of this world can also rest assured that they can talk as much as they like during the flight without fear of judgment and blank stares from their companions. Passengers So everyone is a winner.”

09:10Laie Beck

4lite announces the first anti-bulb

Following a breakthrough in electrical engineering, the 4lite black-out lamp has been specially programmed to emit a variable black light at any time of day. This light blocks out all natural light and gives sleepers the opportunity to enjoy a good night's sleep.

In the summer months, new black-out lamps ensure that night owls, early risers and shift workers are not awakened by the rising sun during the day and that rooms are immersed in total darkness. Katie Georgeson, marketing manager at 4lite, said: "Poor sleep quality is a huge issue for millions of people in the UK, many of whom suffer from disrupted sleep patterns due to natural light filtering in through curtains and blinds.

“Our engineers and technical teams have worked tirelessly to create these never-before-seen blackout lamps that, like the rest of our smart lighting solutions, can be controlled via an app on your phone, so you don't even have to stay by your bedside. to turn it on, making it the perfect solution for a good night (or a good day!) sleep.”

The 4lite Smart Black-Out bulbs have a lifespan of 15,000 hours and are rated at 7W which is 60W. Once activated, the smart bulb will light up and turn black as the sun rises. It can be remotely controlled via the smart app and turned on and off at set times, allowing shift workers to sleep at night during the day.

Bulbs will be available from Saturday, April 1st.

08:56Laie Beck

Dulux is retiring Old English Sheepdog after 60 years

Dulux has announced that the legendary Old English Sheepdog is retiring after 60 years as a Dulux Dog. There will be a King Charles Spaniel in his place when the painting company honors the coronation of King Charles III on May 6th.

Known for their playfulness, kindness and loyalty, King Charles Spaniels adapt to all types of living environments, just like the Dulux color itself. Karen Wilkinson, Director of Marketing at Dulux, says: “We understand that this excitement comes from loyal fans of our beautiful German Shepherds.

"However, we think it's time to put our paws up for a little TLC, and what better time to step down than the April Fools jokes...?!" dog in the paint cans of the new Coronation collection.

The range includes the signature shade Coronation Velvet, a rich, matte red fit for a king. This beautiful shade will make her social media debut alongside the pampered puppy on the 1st.to connectApril 2023.

08:48Laie Beck

Thorpe Park Resort Announces New Attraction Lost Souls

After discovering over 2,000 unclaimed pairs of sneakers during its annual spring cleaning, Thorpe Park Resort decided to open a new attraction. The Lost Souls Pop-Up is a second-hand vintage shoe store opening in April so tennis fans can pick up their favorite fix.

The impressive collection that has fallen from the feet of adventure seekers to the safety nets below includes Dunks and New Balance, which clearly couldn't match the vertical loops of Nemesis Inferno and the 60mph of SWARM, Britain's first winged coaster. Brittany, where passengers dangle their feet. .

With enough cougars to open a menagerie, the Lost Souls Pop-Up Shop is set to become a stunning attraction in Britain's most thrilling theme park this spring. Store manager Clair Jordans said: “This is a fantastic initiative by Thorpe Park to recycle unclaimed lost and found shoes.

"The sneaker resale market is booming and many collectors can't find their favorite pairs, making Lost Souls Pop-Up a must-have this spring."

08:42Laie Beck

Babybel launches a new square cheese to be "more ripe".

The iconic round design will be gone as the Mini Babybel will be replaced by a new square version. Famous for their taste, red wax shell and round shape, Babybels are a well-known popular snack.l

However, the brand found the circular product "too much fun" and opted for a more "mature" format. A Babybel spokesperson said: "When it comes to our cheese, we don't play games and we think it's time to reach a more serious audience.

“So we have made the bold decision to announce that we are making the biggest change in our history for Babybel, and we look forward to making even bigger changes this year. We think our new shape is on point and we can't wait to share it with customers on Saturday, 1st.to connectApril."

The brand will initially launch the square product in the Babybel Original variant before rolling out to other products in the range, including Babybel Plant-Based. Babybel MINI: RRP from £2.45 available in major supermarkets in packs of 6 x 20g (£2.45), 10 x 20g (£2.59) and 12 x 20g (£3.55).

08:28Laie Beck

Tango launches new line of dog treats

Tango has expanded its usual product range with its first range of dog treats. The popular drinks brand has created a range of three flavors that are sure to get their tails waving. These include Outrageous Orange and Duck, which give pups a taste of the legendary Tango Orange flavor they've long missed, while Pawfect Pork and Tangy Apple have a sharp sweet edge for a burst of fierce flavor reminiscent of Tango Apple.

Turkey and Berry Blast is the perfect treat for dogs as we enter the warmer seasons and offers a sunny and fruity flavor. Tango has decided to launch now that pet ownership is the most popular in a decade, with 62% of UK households owning a pet, compared to just 47% in 2013.

Tango brand manager Victoria Burridge said: "Entering the pet food market was a natural progression for Tango. There are more dog owners in the UK than ever before and they have become such an important part of owners' lives that more than four in ten say they love their dogs more than their partners! !

“We think there's no better way for owners to express their love for their dogs than with our Tang treats, which give puppies that tasty tango flavor they've been deprived of for too long. Finally, man and dog can now enjoy the great taste of tango together - appetite to the bone!

All three flavors of Tang-Treat will be available in major supermarkets starting Saturday, April 1st.

08:18Laie Beck

Chopstix Noodle Bar lanza 'Takeaway in der Dose'

Chopstix Noodle Bar has launched its new Takeaway in a Tin, available now from its Nottingham store. Due to huge customer demand, the company decided to offer three of its most popular dishes in cans.

The chain released Sweet and Sour Chicken, Sweet Chilli Prawns and Caramel Drizzle Chicken in tins designed to stay fresh for over 50 years. Canning lines have been installed at the Chopstix Nottingham point of sale to ensure freshness can be guaranteed immediately when ordering and reheated afterwards.

The cans are £3.99 each and Chopstix are sure the cans will be a foodie favourite, having already taken orders to serve them at some of this year's biggest events including Wimbledon and the King's Coronation.

Tins will be available from Saturday 1st April at the Nottingham Store and 90 other locations across the country or via online delivery services. A Chopstix spokesperson said: "We continue to ask customers if they would like their favorite canned meals to take home at the end of the week, at weddings, birthdays and even Christmas for years to come.

“Plus, they also make great gifts as their different flavors make them perfect for just about anyone. This new product line delivers what it promises and this new addition to the Chopstix menu means we can deliver faster, fresher and tastier food, even to those looking to save their food for a rainy day.”

08:10Laie Beck

Walkers show a sharp new shape for the birthday

Celebrating 75 years as the UK's favorite chip brand, Walkers is sharing that love with a new look. After two years of experimentation, the French fries business switched from traditional round potatoes to heart-shaped fries.

Now partnering with leading potato producer Walkers, the company has grown heart-shaped potatoes from natural, sustainable sources and transformed them into a new variety. The UK's first heart-shaped potato farm is in Lincolnshire, where the new chips are made by cutting the potatoes into heart shapes before cooking them to perfection and flavoring them with delicious Walkers flavours.

This is a game changer for crispy potato lovers, and Walkers plans to open more heart-shaped potato farms soon. Wayne Newton, spokesperson for Walkers, said: "We wanted to show our fans how much we love them and we believe the new heart-shaped fries have done just that.

"With so many potato chip lovers reaching for heart-shaped fries in their pockets this year, we wanted to take it a step further and make sure all of our fries give hikers a little TLC."

07:19Laie Beck

Chiquito launches a skincare line inspired by Mexican fries and sauces

A chain of Mexican restaurants has launched a line of skin care products using classic ingredients from its menu. The natural product line was developed by dermatologists and a group of nutrition experts for the spring market.

Chiquito has been offering the best of Mexican cuisine for over 30 years and decided to create the line after a group of regular customers discovered the facial benefits of fresh guacamole. They found that the popular Chiquito sauce, made with avocado, cilantro, red onion, pepper, lime and salt, responded well to guests' complexions and acted as an effective cleanser.

This was developed and was the first of the new line called Exfoli Guacamole, an avocado cleanser made with fresh avocado, Mexican lime and a B vitamin complex to promote bright, dark eyes. The skincare team created a toner with an uplifting blend of fresh pepper and herbs to transform the complexion and tighten visible pores called Habaner-no Pores, a glowing toner.

A sensitive skin blackhead cream called Toma-T-Zone is formulated with squalene to reduce blackheads, blemishes and breakouts. The line also includes a refreshing coffee and black bean scrub called Frijole 'n' Exfoliate, which reduces blackheads and gives a smooth, glowing complexion, and a daily foundation and sunscreen called Salsa Shield, made with creamy pineapple and dreamy hyaluronic acid. Enriched primer for deep hydration with added SPF15 protection.

A spokesperson for the Mexican restaurant, known for its iconic Chiquito hats, music and festive fun, said: "The new range is the start of an ambitious project to use plant-based foods to improve the skin's natural appearance. Ingredients 100 % natural products have been used for centuries, but this is the first time that a restaurant has developed a complete line of dermatological products.

"It is expected that if this line becomes popular, the ground tortillas will be used to develop beauty products, including hair and nail conditioners, after research shows that the chips have a restorative effect." All products can be ordered from April 1st.

07:13Laie Beck

Frankie & Benny's launches the world's first drone delivery service

The popular restaurant chain has launched the world's first drone food delivery service after five years of testing flights and food delivery technology. The new "Drone 'n' Deliver" service will allow people to order food wherever they are and have it delivered quickly via drone.

All you need is the Frankie & Benny app and a Frankie & Benny tracking tape that communicates with the drone and pinpoints exactly where the user is. The company developed the project in partnership with leading experts in technology and aerospace.

They were also given special air traffic control permits, allowing the drones to fly up to 300 feet over the UK. The drone delivery service will be available next month.

Frankie & Benny's also announced that the first 100 people to use the meal delivery program will receive free food with no delivery fees and free bedding. Upon launch next month, delivery will cost the same as most street food delivery companies and can only be ordered from the Frankie & Benny's website (please note delivery charges may apply, additionally in some areas of the Lands Highlands of Scotland).

Sasha Storey, Frankie & Benny's Brand Director, said: “At Frankie & Benny's, we believe that innovative technology will allow us to be market leaders with this new food delivery system.

“It took years of development, choosing the right drones, creating effective warming pans and a ventilation system that keeps food fresh no matter where it is. We look forward to embracing the future of food delivery!”


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