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Last update:17 January 2023

The electronic devices that we use almost every day in our lives need a power source. Some devices require constant AC or DC power, while others rely on static electricity, the latter generated by batteries. Either the AAA battery you use in your wall clocks or the AA battery; These products are essential as they are one of the main sources of power in many devices. One of these high demand static power sources are 9 volt batteries. Although it is not easy to get 9V batteries in regular stores, you can easily buy them from online stores. These batteries are mainly used in high power electronic systems such as automatic door locks, smart alarm systems, etc. To that end, we also present a short buying guide and explain some other relevant features related to 9V batteries.

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What 9 volt battery is the best?

  • 1 Duracell 9V Alkaline Battery - The best 9 volt battery ever
  • 2 alkaline batteries 9V Energizer - 2nd
  • 3 Powermax USA 9 volt batteries - Honorable Mention
  • 4 VONIKO 9V Battery – Also note
  • 5 batteries Rayovac de 9V
  • 6 PKCELL 9V Akku Seca
  • 7 PKCELL 9V Full Power Dry Battery

What 9 volt battery is the best?

Duracell 9V Alkaline Battery - The best 9 volt battery around


Best 9 Volt Batteries for 2023 | The Street Review (1)

main properties

  • They are long lasting 9V batteries.
  • The electrical potential of 9 volts at the input
  • Top covered with pure copper metal.
  • The tough and durable outer shell.
  • Different positive and negative terminal structures.

If you're looking for long-lasting 9V batteries, no other product is as efficient as the Duracell Coppertop battery. It is designed to power most appliances that require a 9 volt input power source. CopperTop technology is the main reason for the longer lifespan, along with the ability to generate a much stronger electrostatic force field. Also, with an alkaline solution present inside, these batteries can deliver more power compared to normal 9V batteries.

9V Energizer alkaline battery - Second


Best 9 Volt Batteries for 2023 | The Street Review (2)

main properties

  • It has a useful life of five years.
  • Article weight of 45.6 grams.
  • Works from -30°C to 55°C

Few 9V batteries can generate a strong electrostatic field, and the Energizer 9V Alkaline Battery is one of them. It has a rectangular body with a durable metal outer casing that contains the alkaline solution that is the primary power source for the battery. As for the terminals, they come in a variety of formats for easy identification.

Plus, these batteries are designed to easily meet safety standards, so you won't find any mercury inside. The best thing about the Energizer battery is that it works perfectly in a wide temperature range from -30°C to 55°C.

Powermax USA 9 Volt Battery – Honorable Mention


Best 9 Volt Batteries for 2023 | The Street Review (3)

main properties

  • Does not contain traces of cadmium and mercury.
  • Metallic conductor for the positive and negative pole
  • It has a longer download time.
  • It comes with a 7-year shelf life.

Typically, the battery life is between 3 and 5 years. But ACDelco went beyond the standard range and introduced 9-volt batteries that can last seven long years without failure or wear. Because 9V batteries discharge static electricity, ACDelco can provide twenty-five hours of uninterrupted power, which is much longer than the typical twenty-hour discharge time offered by other batteries. In terms of battery safety, the metal outer casing is leak-proof. Therefore, the alkaline solution present in it is safe in the external environment.

VONIKO 9V battery – also note


Best 9 Volt Batteries for 2023 | The Street Review (4)

main properties

  • Valid for 7 years
  • Stainless steel outer casing
  • Superconducting connecting conductors

VONIKO 9 volt batteries are known for their excellent performance and high efficiency. Unlike other alkaline batteries, VONIKO batteries are compatible with a wide range of devices, from toys to smart watches, etc. That is one of the reasons why the product has gained a lot of popularity in the market. The bleach contained in the batteries is free of heavy metal ions, mercury, lead and cadmium. Therefore, they are eco-friendly and safe to use. Also, the metal casing that surrounds the main core material is quite strong and robust. As a result, there is no leakage of liquid bleach, and therefore no explosion.

Rayovac 9V Battery


Best 9 Volt Batteries for 2023 | The Street Review (5)

main properties

  • Explosion proof outer jacket design
  • Terminal design ideal for wire connections
  • Up and Over Rectangular Design

Rayovac has become one of the best companies in the manufacturing of various types of batteries, including long life 9V batteries. Rectangular in shape and with a strong metal casing, these batteries are leak proof. So you don't have to worry about explosions or other accidents caused by bleach leaking from inside. They are also friendly to the environment because heavy metal ions such as cadmium and mercury are not added to the solution. One of the main advantages of using Rayovac batteries is that they perform excellently with high power output capability.

Akku Seca PKCELL 9V


Best 9 Volt Batteries for 2023 | The Street Review (6)

main properties

  • It has a compact and elegant design.
  • Leak-proof metal outer casing
  • Dry core material free of heavy metal ions

If you are looking for long life batteries with a high discharge time, no other product is as efficient as PKCELL dry cell batteries. From the name itself it can be seen that the main source of energy is a dry alloy of carbon and zinc, and not an alkali solution. Due to the use of these two elements, PKCELL batteries discharge very slowly and provide high performance to the electronic devices in which you will use them. Also, they are heavy-duty batteries, which means they can be used in high-load devices like smart systems, smoke detectors, home security locks, etc.

PKCELL 9V dry cell battery with maximum performance


Best 9 Volt Batteries for 2023 | The Street Review (7)

main properties

  • Metal-zinc compound as anode
  • 48.5mm high and 17.5mm in diameter
  • Escape-proof outer jacket

Not all electronic products have the same power requirements. For example, a smoke alarm system requires more power compared to an LED flashlight. Likewise, an automatic smart home security system consumes more energy than an electronic toy. So if you are looking for 9V batteries that can deliver full power, PKCELL 9V Dry Battery is your best choice. Here you get ten batteries in the product, with which you can easily operate multiple devices. You don't have to worry about safety either, as the battery does not contain environmentally harmful heavy metal ions such as cadmium and lead.

The Ultimate 9 Volt Battery Buying Guide

9V batteries are useful for providing a power source for a variety of electronic devices and systems, from smart systems to toys, flashlights, detection systems, etc. For this reason it is important to have the best 9V batteries. for all.

In the previous section, we described seven products that have made a name for themselves on the market thanks to their unique properties. And because of this, you may find the selection process more complicated and daunting than you initially thought. Therefore, we have listed some important factors to consider when choosing the best 9V batteries.

What factors should you consider when choosing the best 9V batteries?

Jacket material and design.

The first factor that affects your selection of the best 9v battery is the design of the outer casing and the material used in its construction. When buying batteries, make sure the case is leak-proof. If the cover cracks, the liquid solution will begin to leak, which can lead to an explosion. Also, you need to make sure that the jacket design is strong and tough to withstand wear and tear and impacts.


Next, you need to look at the layout of the terminals. Make sure the positive and negative terminals are intact and have different designs. This will help you easily identify which is positive and which is negative.

alkaline versus non-alkaline

Although most 9V batteries come with an alkaline solution as the primary source of electrostatic energy, some batteries do not have an alkaline solution. Instead, they contain dry elements that can easily donate electrons when connected to a circuit. Then you need to choose what kind of core material you need in your battery. Remember that alkaline batteries provide more energy because the liquid can ionize much faster. On the other hand, non-alkaline batteries have a longer discharge time.

presence of heavy metals

In the past, batteries were often made from heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, or mercury. However, when these batteries ended up in landfills, they created heavy metal contamination in both the soil and water. That is why today alternative composition elements that do not pollute the environment are used. Therefore, when choosing batteries, make sure that they do not contain heavy metals.


Then you have to choose the batteries based on the application. Although 9V batteries are almost similar in shape and size, their area of ​​use is very different. So you need to make sure that the battery you buy is suitable for the device it needs to run.


Another important factor to consider is battery life, which determines the maximum time the battery can store without using it. For example, some 9V batteries have a lifespan of 3 years, while others can last up to seven years. Therefore, choose the one that best fits based on the date of manufacture and the date of expiration.

download time

Finally, you have to take into account the discharge time of the battery you buy. Each battery is charged with a central energy source, which ionizes under the influence of an electric field and emits electrons. The rate at which charges are released is called the discharge time of the battery. The longer the discharge time, the longer the battery life.

last words

With so many electronic devices being used these days, you need to provide the proper power source. These devices are usually battery powered, as the electronic circuitry cannot be powered directly from a 220V source. This electrical potential must be reduced, for which a step-down transformer or a battery can be used, the latter being the most preferred. That's why you need the best 9V batteries to power electronic circuits that require a 9 volt input voltage, such as:

After a series of comparative studies, we have selected the seven best 9V batteries that have received many positive reviews, making them the most popular on the market. So you don't have to search here and there for the best batteries for home use. Also, the buying guide will help you choose the best 9V batteries for your device.

People have also asked

WHEN:How long can I use the 9V battery?

A:A. Battery life depends on the product's discharge capacity once connected to a circuit. For example, some 9V batteries can run for 25 hours straight, while others last more than 30 hours. Therefore, based on your needs, you should choose the battery that will last the longest.

WHEN:Are 9V batteries rechargeable?

A:No, 9 volt batteries cannot be charged like many other batteries, even if you are considering the same brand. This is because these batteries are designed for single use only. Once the 9V battery has completed its discharge cycle, it will no longer power the circuit and you will need to replace the used batteries with new ones.

WHEN:What are 9V non-alkaline batteries?

A:In non-alkaline batteries, dry cells are used to generate power. These are dry cells where the anode is pure zinc metal while the cathode is a carbon rod. Therefore, these batteries have a longer lifespan as the discharge rate is slow compared to alkaline batteries.

WHEN:Can 9V batteries explode?

A:Most batteries have an outer casing made of strong, durable metals, making them leak-proof. However, in some cases, if the cover leaks, gas will be released which can cause the battery to explode.

WHEN:Can a 9V battery work in any temperature range?

A:No, a 9V battery cannot work in any temperature range. Each battery has a specific range within which you can safely use the battery without worrying about accidents.

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