Complete Guide to Cruise Ship Power Outlets: Search by Ship (2023)

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If you're on a cruise ship, you're probably wondering what outlets are in your stateroom.

The post below details electrical outlets found on cruise ships by all major cruise lines.

It is important to know which power outlets are available in your stateroom as you may need to bring a travel adapter.
Download the adapters I use here:UNITED KINGDOM. ONS.

The table below is based on cabins inside, higher class cabins may have additional power outlets.

cruise lineBarcoamerican outleteuropean socketUSBadditional notes
royal Caribbeanthe splendor of the sea210
royal Caribbeanocean rhapsody210
royal CaribbeanThe enchantment of the ocean210
royal Caribbeanview over the ocean210
royal Caribbeantraveler two seas210
royal Caribbeanocean explorer210
royal Caribbeanocean adventures210
royal Caribbeanocean navigator210
royal Caribbeansailor of the seas210
royal Caribbeanocean light210
royal Caribbeanocean light210
royal Caribbeanocean serenade210
royal Caribbeanmarine gems210
royal Caribbeanfreedom of the seas210
royal Caribbeanocean wonders322
royal Caribbeanfreedom of the seas210
royal Caribbeanindependence of the seas210
royal Caribbeanocean oasis212
royal CaribbeanThe enchantment of the ocean212
royal Caribbeanharmony of the seas212
royal Caribbeansymphony of the seas212
royal CaribbeanHow many men do you give?212
royal Caribbeanzee lied212
royal Caribbeanode to the seas212
royal Caribbeanocean spectrum212
royal Caribbeanocean odyssey212
Norwegian cruise companynorwegian spirit210
Norwegian cruise companynorwegian sky110
Norwegian cruise companynorwegian sun110
Norwegian cruise companyNorwegian star110Extra UK plugs
Norwegian cruise companyNorwegian dawn110Extra UK plugs
Norwegian cruise companyamerican pride110
Norwegian cruise companynorwegian jewel110
Norwegian cruise companynorwegian jade112usb next to the bed
Norwegian cruise companynorwegian pearls1132 USB by the bed
Norwegian cruise companynorwegian jewel110
Norwegian cruise companynorse epic212
Norwegian cruise companyNorwegian secretion312
Norwegian cruise companynorwegian refuge312
Norwegian cruise companyNorwegian escape312usb next to the bed
Norwegian cruise companyNorwegian joy312usb next to the bed
Norwegian cruise companynorwegian luck312usb next to the bed
Norwegian cruise companyNorwegian encore312usb next to the bed
carnival cruise shipcarnaval carnaval110
carnival cruise shipcarnival feeling110
carnival cruise shipcarnival in the best mood110
carnival cruise shipCarnival Paradise110
carnival cruise shipcarnival spirit110
carnival cruise shipcarnival pride110
carnival cruise shipcarnival legend110
carnival cruise shipcarnaval wonder110
carnival cruise shipcarnival conquest110
carnival cruise shipcarnival glory110
carnival cruise shipcarnival courage110
carnival cruise shipcarnival freedom110
carnival cruise shipcarnival freedom110
carnival cruise shipcarnival cadence110Additional Australian plugs are available in some staterooms
carnival cruise shipcarnival dream110
carnival cruise shipcarnival magic110
carnival cruise shipcarnival breeze110
carnival cruise shipcarnival sun110
carnival cruise shipcarnival sunrise111
carnival cruise shipcarnival glory110
carnival cruise shipcarnival scenery111
carnival cruise shipcarnaval horizon111
carnival cruise shipcarnival panorama111
carnival cruise shipCarnaval212
carnival cruise shipcarnival party212
Princess Cruisesisland princess200
Princess Cruisesprincess coral200
Princess Cruisesprincess ruby200
Princess Cruisesemerald princess200
Princess Cruisesprincess200
Princess CruisesCaribbean princess200
Princess Cruisesprincess sapphire200
Princess Cruisesdiamond princess200
Princess Cruisessupreme princess200
Princess CruisesReal princess210
Princess CruisesReal princess210
Princess Cruisesbig princess222
Princess Cruisessky princess222
Princess Cruisesmagical princess222
celebrity cruisecelebrity millennial220
celebrity cruiseUnlimited celebrities220
celebrity cruisetop celebrity220
celebrity cruisecelebrity horoscope220
celebrity cruisecelebrity solstice210
celebrity cruisecelebrity equinox210
celebrity cruiseembezzlement of celebrities210
celebrity cruisecelebrity silhouette210
celebrity cruisecelebrity reflection212
celebrity cruisecelebrity bangs212
celebrity cruisehighlight of celebrities212
Maritime Freight CentercruisingMSC Masters224
mediterrane cruiseMSC Grandiosa223
mediterrane cruisebeautiful mediterranean sea223
mediterrane cruiseMediterranean miracle223
mediterrane cruiseMSC Waterfront223
mediterrane cruiseMSC Waterfront223
mediterrane cruisemediterranean sea view223
mediterrane cruiseMSC expensive220
mediterrane cruiseMediterranean Divine Comedy220
mediterrane cruiseMSC Splendid220
mediterrane cruiseMSC Fantasia220
mediterrane cruisewonderful MSc220
mediterrane cruiseMSc Poetry220
mediterrane cruiseMSC Orchestra220
mediterrane cruiseMScMusic220
mediterrane cruisemediterranean opera house220
mediterrane cruisemediterranean opera house220
mediterrane cruiseMSC Symphonies220
mediterrane cruiseMSC Armonia220
P&O CruisesAurora0002 UK sockets
P&O CruisesArcadia0001 UK plug (some staterooms have additional US and European plugs)
P&O Cruisesventura100Extra UK plugs
P&O CruisesAzura100Extra UK plugs
P&O CruisesGreat Britain200Extra UK plugs
P&O CruisesJona0124 UK sockets
Costa CruisesMediterranean coast110
Costa Cruisesit takes luck110
Costa Cruisesmagical coast110
Costa Cruisesquiet coast110
Costa CruisesPacific coast110
Costa Cruisesfantastic coast110
Costa Cruisescoastal charm110
Costa Cruisesdawn coast110
Costa Cruiseslovely coast110
Costa Cruiseskust headband110
Costa CruisesVenice coast110
Costa Cruisescoast of florence020
Costa CruisesEmerald coast020
ADA Cruiseshe loves020
ADA CruisesAidaura020
ADA Cruiseskoning there020
ADA CruisesEdabella020
ADA Cruisesad and above020
ADA Cruisesone way blue020
ADA CruisesSol AIDA020
ADA CruisesAdama020
ADA CruisesAda Stella020
ADA CruisesAIDAprima020
ADA CruisesAida Pera020
ADA Cruisesada new020
ADA CruisesDamala020
holland americaLady Volendam110
holland americaSra. Zaandam110
holland americaLike this. Zuddan110
holland americaMS Oosterdam110
holland americaLady Westerdam110
holland americaMrs Norden110
holland americaLady Euro Dam110
holland americaLadies of New Amsterdam222
holland americaMrs Konstein222
holland americaMS Nieuw Statendam222
P&O Australiapeaceful explorer110Additional Australian power outlets
P&O Australianon-peaceful adventure110Additional Australian power outlets
P&O Australiapeaceful encounter110Additional Australian power outlets
Cunard lineKing's Mary 22001 UK socket
Cunard lineKing's Victoria2001 UK socket
Cunard lineQueen Elizabeth2001 UK socket
Disney cruise shipdisney magic420
Disney cruise shipwonder disney402
Disney cruise shipDisney dream420
Disney cruise shipfantasy disney420
Marella CruisesMarella found221
Marella CruisesMarilla found 2221
Marella Cruisesmarella explorer113
Marella Cruisesmarella explorer 2113
first tripscarlet lady316
first tripheroic lady316
first tripspringerige dame316
Fred Olsonboreaal110Extra UK plugs
Fred Olsonticket110Extra UK plugs
Fred Olsonbalmoraal020
Fred OlsonBremer020
SagaAdventurous Spirit0023 UK sockets
Sagathe spirit of exploration0023 UK sockets
ambassador cruiseenvironment0011 UK socket and 1 Australian socket
ambassador cruiseintention0011 UK socket and 1 Australian socket

Cruise Essentials - Don't cruise without an adapter!

My favorite universal adapter converts UK, US, AU and European sockets to each other. It also has 4 USB slots, which means you can charge 5 things at the same time. And equipped with fast charging function.

Download the adapters I use here:global travel adapter

What plugs and sockets are available on AIDA cruise ships?

All AIDA cruise ships have a minimum of 2 European plugs per cabin.

What power outlets are available on Carnival Cruise Lines?

All Carnival ships have a minimum of 1 US and 1 European engine per stateroom. Carnival Vista, Horizon, Panorama, Mardi Gras, and Celebration also have USB ports.

What outlets are there on Celebrity Cruises?

All Celebrity cruise ships have a minimum of 2 outlets in the US and 1 in Europe. Celebrity Constellation, Infinity, Millenium and Summit have an additional euro output available. Celebrity Reflection, Apex and Edge also have USB connections.

What power sockets are available on Costa cruise ships?

All cabins on Costa cruise ships have at least 1 European plug. Many ships also have outlets in the US.

What jackets are available on Cunard Cruises?

All Cunard cruise ships have a minimum of 2 US and 1 UK power outlets per cabin. Many cabin classes offer additional departures.

What power outlets are available on Disney Cruise Lines?

Most staterooms on Disney cruise ships have 4 outlets in the US, with an additional outlet in Europe on all ships except the Disney Miracle. The Disney Wonder also has 2 USB outputs.

What power outlets are there on the Fred Olsen cruise ship?

All Fred Olsen cruise ships have a minimum of two sailings. Borealis and Bolette have 1 US socket, 1 Europe socket and an additional UK socket. Balmoral and Braemer have two European offices.

What power outlets does Holland America Line have?

All Holland America cruise ships have a minimum of 1 US outlet and 1 European outlet per cabin. Koningsdam, Nieuw Amsterdam and Nieuw Statendam have 2 US power outlets, 2 European power outlets and 2 USB power outlets per cabin.

What plugs and sockets are there on MSC Cruises?

All MSC ships have at least 2 American and 2 European plugs. The Meraviglia, Meraviglia Plus and Seaside class ships also offer USB connectivity. There are 3-4 USB sockets in each cabin.

What outlets are there on the Marella cruise ship?

All cabins on Marella cruise ships have a minimum of 1 US plug, 1 European plug and 1 USB port. Marella Discovery and Discovery 2 have an additional outlet in the US and Europe, bringing the total number of outlets to 4 plus a USB.

Which outlets are there on Norwegian cruise ships?

All Norwegian Cruise Line owned cruise ships have at least 1 US outlet and 1 European outlet in each stateroom. Norwegian Bliss, Breakaway, Encore, Epic, Escape, Getaway, Joy and Spirit have additional stores available in the US. Many of the newer boats in the fleet also have USB sockets ranging from 2 to 3 per cabin.

What power outlets are available on P&O Australia cruise ships?

All cruise ships owned by P&O Cruises Australia have at least 1 outlet in the US, 1 in Europe and 1 in Australia.

Which points of sale are there at P&O Cruises?

P&O's Arcadia and Aurora have UK plugs only, minimum 1 per stateroom. Some staterooms may have additional UK or European plugs. Azura, Britannia, Ventura and Iona have at least 1 location in the US and an additional location in the UK. Britannia and Iona have an additional departure from the US, bringing the total to 2 per stateroom.

What outlets are there on Princess Cruises?

All Princess ships have a minimum of 2 US plugs per stateroom. Regal, Royal, Enchanted, Sky and Discovery Princess have an extra Euro socket. The Sky Princess, Majestic Princess and Enchanted Princess also have USB ports available.

What outlets are there on the Saga cruise ship?

All Saga cruise ships have a minimum of 3 UK plug sockets and 2 USB plug sockets. Some premium staterooms may have additional exits.

What plugs are available on Royal Caribbean cruise ships?

All Royal Caribbean ships have a minimum of 2 US and 1 European power per stateroom. Newer Royal Caribbean Quantum and Oasis class ships will also have 2 USB ports per stateroom.

What plugs are on Virgin Voyages cruise ships?

All Virgin Voyages cruise ships have a minimum of 6 USB ports, 3 US and 1 European. Higher class cabins may have additional power outlets.

You can bring a power strip or cable if you think you need more outlets. These items are prohibited by most cruise lines and may not be taken on board as your luggage will be searched upon boarding. Check out this article to find out why they were banned:Cruise lines don't allow line filters - these are your alternatives

Alternatives to surge protectors

USB charging station:Charging stations usually don't have power outlets, but there are several USB options. They are often used to charge devices such as phones, tablets and cameras. This is my favorite option and I would recommend a charging station for most cruisers. They are relatively cheap, small and work very well.

Different outputs:Outlet taps plug into outlets and are used to provide additional outlets, most of which have a USB option. You may have seen elongated or cubic spout faucets that provide 2 or 3 additional outlets.

socket adaptor:Due to different types of plugs in different countries, plug adapters come with different types of plugs and may include a USB option. For example, a plug adapter can convert a US plug to a UK plug and provide an extra USB plug. The plug adapter eliminates the need for a separate adapter that would otherwise be required when using a socket tap or charging station.

mobile power:This isn't so much a replacement for a power strip, but another thing you can use to carry your stuff around. I always recommend taking a good power bank on a cruise so you can take multiple bank items with you and only have to charge the bank instead of carrying multiple other items. There are many types of power banks and I have tried many over the years. I'm currently using an Anker power bank, which you can find on Amazon, and unlike other banks, it hasn't lost capacity since I've been using it:Anker power bank*

Note: Some devices have other names, including power ports, power strips, and wall brackets, but will still work built-in as long as they don't have surge protection.

Below are some examples of charging stations, taps and plug adapters that are allowed on cruise ships.

accessoriesSpanning#exhaust pipeUSB optionExtra information
Anker USB wall charger*100-240V010Contains 10 USB A ports
Anker USB charging station*100-240V06Contains 6 USB A ports
Bototek USB charging station*100-240V05Contains 4 USB A ports and 1 USB C port
TROND Output Extender*100-250V32Contains 2 USB A ports,
Wall tap Omoton Travel*100-240V32Includes 2 USB A ports
JMFONE Wall Mount*100-240V32Includes 2 USB A ports
Round and wall tap*125V32Includes 2 USB A ports
One Beat Power Adapter*100-250V32Do not convert voltage, comes with 4 adapter plugs, 2 USB ports
Poweradd reisadapter*100-240V22Do not convert voltage, comes with 5 adapter plugs, 2 USB ports
Tessa wall adapter*110-240V322 USB ports included, adjustable night light
Cruise lines don't allow line filters - these are your alternatives

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