Holly Oaks Cast: New, Deceased and Returning Characters (2023)

With many residents leaving or not arriving at the end of 2022, new faces are coming to Chester.

With plenty of drama ahead, here's your guide to all the ins and outs of Holly Oaks.


Bobby Costello (Jayden Fox) - Links

Mercedes McQueen realizes that her son Bobby Costello is responsible for the death of her husband Sylver after the Salon de Thé bombing in early 2022. When she takes responsibility, she faints.

To make matters worse, Silver is just one of Bobby's young victims.Also killed Verity Hutchinsonin shocking scenes.

Verity discovers he had something to do with Sylver's death, and Bobby, willing to bend over backwards to keep his secret safe, turns the bookcase around her.

Lawyers tried to expose Bobby's actions, but she died of her injuries.

Bobby also killed serial killer Silas Blissett, but his rampage ended when he was turned over to authorities with the help of his mother, Mercedes.

Acotr Jayden Fox confirms it isshot at Bobby's last supperIn a video posted to the Hollyoaks Instagram page earlier this year.

Speaking of his departure from the soap, Jayden said: "I want to say thank you to everyone and I especially want to say Jen [Mercedes actressJennifer Metcalf】 Supported me for five years. I really had a lot of fun with her, she was like a second mother to me and thank you to all the fans too - I hope you all enjoy hating Bobby. "

"Maybe we will see each other again in the future, maybe not, but for now we say goodbye."

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Face the facts Holly Willoughby breaks her silence after Phil Schofield apologizes

Bobby's crimes include murder and arson as he tries to get rid of Mercedes' new boyfriend, Felix Westwood, by setting fire to Price Slice.

Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) - 左

Crime boss Norma Crow is killedone of your closest companions.

This immediately sets the tone for the villain, as she reveals a slew of new secrets during her stay in the village.

But in the most recent scene, when she tries to take Sienna Black's grandchildren, she clearly applauds (annapation).

More importantly, she confessed to her long-lost son, Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) She killed his father because he abused her.

In a morbid twist, she even revealed where she buried it - under the floorboards of Warren's dilapidated childhood home, where they were staying at the time.

Warren helps Norma move her father's body, but Sienna has had enough of Norma's antics.

This prompts Norma to decide to leave the village until things cool down, and she makes her way to one of her safe houses.

But fans of Holly Oaks can rest easy: Norma is coming back to the village.


Honor Chen-Williams (Vera Chok) - 左

Actress Vera Chok is leaving the eponymous Channel 4 Village after a year as matriarch Honor Chen-Williams.

Honor's exit scene takes place on our screens in April 2023, when she is offered a job in London at a time when her marriage to husband Dave is falling apart.

The couple ran into trouble when it was revealed that Dave was still married to his first bride Flora when he married Honor.

Fueled by the news, Honor found solace in Tony Hutchinson - she impulsively kissed him.

Before leaving, Honor teamed up with Dave to break the news of their divorce to their children Mason, Sam, Lizzie and Shing Lin.

Mason blamed herself for Honor's departure, as her connections to Eric Foster led her to attack the criminal, resulting in her losing her job at Chester.

Can Honor return to Hollyoaks?


(Video) Hollyoaks Later 2013: Meet the New and Returning Cast

Alex Burton(Liz Fletcher) - join in

Like her husband Kelvin Fletcher on Emmerdale, Liz Fletcher has found her place in the soap making her Holly Oaks debut on March 27, 2023.

The actress was introduced as bank manager Alex Burton and appeared alongside Cindy Cunningham.

Speaking of joining the show, Liz said, "It's been amazing to be on such an iconic show and working with such a talented cast."

But what can your character bring to the village?


Dillon Ray(Nathaniel Dass) - SEEDS

ator nathaniel datApril 21, 2023 Debuts as the cousin of familiar character Misbah Malik.

Holly Oaks owner Lucy Allen revealed earlier this year that her arrival would lead Lucas Hay to question his sexuality.

Dillon arrives in Holly Oaks ready to cause trouble and dressed like a rock star.

The rookie was expelled from school even before he reached Sacred Oaks, but what mischief can he cause?

Is romance for him?


Imran Malik (Ijaz Rana) - To leave?

One thing is certain, Dillon's arrival in Hollyoaks will be a wake-up call for his cousin Imran.

After battling an eating disorder, the beloved character takes Dillon on a tour of the village as the newcomer prepares to settle down with the Malik family.

But when Imran's travels become a trip down memory lane, the young chef realizes that he cannot escape the trauma of his past by staying in the place that broke his heart.

Can Imran really leave the village and start over?

If so, could he be back in a few months?


(Video) Hollyoaks Characters 2018 (Deaths/Exits and New comers)

Raf Harcourt(Chris Gordon) - join in

Actor Chris Gordon, best known for playing the valet to the Duke of Edinburgh in The Crown, has announced his addition to the Holly Oaks cast as the Earl of Dee and Ralph Harcourt, a member of the peerage.

Rafe will debut in May 2023 and meet Sienna Blake at the Chester races.

This adult role jeopardizes her relationship with Ethan Williams as she bonds with the newcomer.

Speaking of his character, Chris said: "Joining the Hollyoaks team is like meeting a friend's family that you really care about - a little scary but also really rewarding."

"There was a good understanding between the departments and I was received with grace. It was a pleasure to work with Anna."

"Not just as an actor, but also as a person. Sienna's journey collides with Rafe and...well, fireworks! He's not your average guy in town. The mystery and complexity of a road less traveled is what I'm really looking for look out. Stuff looks forward to playing and sharing with fans."


Juan(Ariel Butwyna) - entered

Ariel was announced on March 24, 2023 as the new character Juan, who will debut later this year.

His character Juan, a Spanish dancer and choreographer who catches the eye of Scott Drinkwell while visiting Liverpool, becomes a new love interest among fans.

"I've had so much fun with the Holly Oaks. I'm so excited to play the part of Juan, she and Scott have such a sweet and sweet history," said Ariel.

"Work withros adamsIt was really cool, I even got a chance to spend time on set with Alex Fletcher and everyone was so welcoming. It is really a very friendly and fun working environment. "

But could Juan be more than meets the eye?


Annabel Davis -participate

daughterwarwick davis, Annabelle, appears as a new character Lacey.

Lacey goes to the village to be interviewed by James Nightingale at Dee Valley Law School - but can she impress him?

Lacey is also moving into a new shared home, and the group of young actors will come together to allow for a rich storyline.

Speaking of your roommate...


Ryan Royce (Gemma Donovan) - gets together

Lacey will start a new life in Hollyoaks with her best friend Rayne, played by the former Neighbors star.Gemma Donovan.

(Video) Hollyoaks cast and deaths

Wren immediately turned things around and caught the attention of the Hunter brothers and Prince McQueen, but both vowed never to let anyone come between them.

The outgoing internet celebrity moved into a house with Lacey, Nadira Valli, Prince McQueen and Romeo Nightingale.

As for Rayne, she senses sparks flying at her roommate Romeo.

However, her turbulent past may prevent her from starting new relationships.

What is she hiding?


Olivia Bradshaw (Emily Burnett) - esquerda

Olivia left her soap on an episode of Bombshell filmed on her wedding day.

The secret of her kissing Hunter was finally revealed, causing a stir.

This really leaves Olivia's marriage up in the air.

The wedding ends in chaos, with Prince calling Olivia back for her cowardly behavior.

This causes a heartbroken Olivia to leave the village altogether.

she can come back


Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) - links

The soap's boss announced Luke's death months in advance, forcing fans to accept his death.

actor Gary Lucy was part of the cast of Holah OaksFor over twenty years.

In 2019, two years after his last return to the village, Luke was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

It was then that he found love in the arms of Cindy Cunningham, who continued to support him after his diagnosis.

As a result Luke and Cindy got engaged, with the adamant ex he found the love of his life.

But in a heartbreaking story — former East End actor Matt Rapinskas also briefly played the villain — Luke was murdered during his solo show on June 9, 2022.

While Luke was enjoying a trip to Majorca with his loved ones, he developed dementia and fell off a cliff.

Hedied of injuryIn the hospital, surrounded by friends and family, tearful fans waved to him.

(Video) Top 10 Heartbreaking Deaths in British Soaps

Luke is briefly seen posthumously in a video airing in July 2022, but Cindy is left devastated.


Who are the new characters in Hollyoaks 2023? ›

Dillon Ray (Nathaniel Dass) - joined. Actor Nathaniel Dass made his debut as the nephew of established character Misbah Maalik on April 21, 2023. Hollyoaks boss Lucy Allen revealed earlier in the year that his arrival would cause Lucas Hay to begin questioning his sexuality.

Who is returning to Hollyoaks 2023? ›

Rayne Royce, played by Jemma Donovan, made her first appearance on 17 January 2023. The character and Donovan's casting details were announced on 12 October 2022. Donovan joins the serial's main cast. Of joining the show, she said: "I am thrilled to be joining the cast of Hollyoaks!

Who is the new guy in Hollyoaks? ›

JOINING: Rafe Harcourt (Chris Gordon)

Rafe is described as 'suave and mysterious' and 'something new' for the show, bringing 'fireworks' to the storyline. Talking about joining the Channel 4 soap, Chris said: 'Joining the team at Hollyoaks feels a bit like meeting the family of a partner you really like...

Who is currently in Hollyoaks? ›

Regular characters
Rayne RoyceJemma Donovan2023–present
Lacey LloydAnnabelle Davis2023–present
Dillon RayNathaniel Dass2023–present
Rafe HarcourtChris Gordon2023−present
64 more rows

Who are the new family in Hollyoaks? ›

Sam Chen-Williams

Sam is later revealed to be a member of the Chen-Williams, a new family on Hollyoaks and the first East Asian family on a soap opera.

Who is the new girl in Hollyoaks? ›

Rayne is portrayed by Neighbours star Jemma Donovan. In 2019, the English actress relocated to Australia after being cast as Harlow Robinson in the beloved Aussie soap, recently saved by Amazon Freevee following its shock cancellation. Back to the UK, Donovan is now joining the regular cast of Hollyoaks for 2023.

Who leaves Hollyoaks 2023? ›

The Chen-Williams clan were introduced to Hollyoaks in late 2021 but the family unit has been affected by cast changes in recent months. Emma Lau, who played Serena Chen-Williams, left the show at the start of 2023 after just a year in the role.

Who is the new couple in Hollyoaks? ›

Real-life Hollyoaks couple Niamh Blackshaw and Angus Castle-Doughty have shared photos from their romantic Greek holiday on Instagram. The couple confirmed they were dating in January by sharing a sweet black-and-white photo of them posing in front of a Christmas tree.

Who is the new Hollyoaks character Beau? ›

Beau Ramsey, played by Jon-Paul Bell, made his first appearance on 20 October 2022.

Who is the mystery man in Hollyoaks? ›

The 'secret admirer' turns out to be new villager, Beau (played by Jon-Paul Bell).

Is Nancy in Hollyoaks pregnant? ›

Hollyoaks star Jessica Fox has announced the birth of her miracle baby after suffering two devastating miscarriages in 2021. The actress, who has played Nancy Hayton in the Channel 4 soap for years, took to Instagram to reveal that her baby son had been born, as she revealed his sweet moniker.

Why did Vera Chok leave Hollyoaks? ›

Honour Chen-Williams (Vera Chok) made a huge decision about her future in Hollyoaks, resolving to leave the eponymous village for a new life in London.

Who is the most famous person in Hollyoaks? ›

1. Nathalie Emmanuel. Topping this list had to be Nathalie Emmanuel. Hollyoaks was Emmanuel's first major role where she played Sasha Valentine, Calvin's younger sister.

Who is the longest running character in Hollyoaks? ›

Beginning with a cast of 15 characters, it now has upwards of 50 regular cast members. The longest-serving actor is Nick Pickard, who has portrayed Tony Hutchinson since the first episode.

Who is the American girl in Hollyoaks? ›

Jennifer Armour (born August 27, 1985, in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an American actress and voice artist. She is known for appearing in Ghoul directed by Petr Jákl. In 2022, she began playing Wendy Blissett in the long-running British soap opera Hollyoaks.

Who is the girl pregnant from Hollyoaks? ›

Hollyoaks star Jazmine Franks announced she is pregnant with her and partner Danny Potter's baby. The actress took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos of her growing baby bump. "Here's to the biggest adventure yet," she captioned the post. "Summer 2023 is set to be a wild one!

Who is the little girl in Hollyoaks? ›

' Warwick Davis' daughter Annabelle on joining Hollyoaks. W arwick Davis' daughter Annabelle has spoken of how thrilled she is to have landed a role in Hollyoaks that was not made for "little people".

Who is the new McQueen in Hollyoaks? ›

He's back! Hollyoaks spoilers follow. Hollyoaks star Theo Graham is making a surprise return to the show, Digital Spy can exclusively confirm. The actor is reprising his role as Hunter McQueen after four years away from the Channel 4 soap.

Who is the blonde woman in Hollyoaks? ›

Tamara Wall
BornTamara Kathleen Wall 23 July 1977 Weybridge, Surrey
Years active1999–present
TelevisionEastEnders Hollyoaks

Is Bobby leaving Hollyoaks? ›

Related: Hollyoaks airs shock kiss for Honour and Tony

"Maybe I'll see you again in the future and maybe I won't, but that's goodbye for now. Bye bye!" he signed off. The clip's caption read: "We've seen his final scenes, which means that's all from our Bobster!

Is Justin coming back to Hollyoaks? ›

He last appeared on the long-running show 14 years ago, but viewers hoped he would make a comeback after his son Charlie Dean announced he wanted to find his dad. However their dreams were dashed this week after Channel 4 bosses revealed the troubled character would never return to the village.

Which actors have left Hollyoaks? ›

Last appeared in 2022
Scarlett MorganSusie Amy2018, 2022
Ali ShahzadRaji James2021–2022
Wendy BlissettJennifer Armour2022
Alex RamsdanMatt Lapinskas2022
26 more rows

Who is the new black girl in Hollyoaks? ›

Singer Jamelia has joined the Hollyoaks cast full-time, and has been filming with cast for her appearance in the show's titles. The platinum-selling singer plays Sharon Bailey, mum of Zoe and daughter of Pearl.

Is Niamh Blackshaw leaving Hollyoaks? ›

Hollyoaks has confirmed a tragic ending for Juliet Nightingale's (Niamh Blackshaw) cancer storyline. The actress, who has played Juliet on the Channel 4 soap for five years, confirmed her departure after Monday's episode.

Who is married in real life in Hollyoaks? ›

Scanlan and Claire Cooper. Hollyoaks' Emmett J. Scanlan AKA Brendan Brady and Claire Cooper AKA Jacqui McQueen tied the knot in January 2015. The happy couple welcomed their first child together in July 2020, a baby boy following a 40 hour labour and an emergency C-section!

Is anyone in Hollyoaks related in real life? ›

Hollyoaks actors Nick and John Pickard played half brothers in the Channel 4 soap but they're, in fact, brothers in real life.

Is Layla in Hollyoaks pregnant in real life? ›

Congratulations are in order for Hollyoaks star Kirsty-Leigh Porter who has announced she's six months pregnant with her first child. The 29-year-old actress, who plays Leela Lomax on the Channel 4 soap and is engaged to her partner of three years Paul, confirmed the exciting news to OK! magazine.

Is Eric from Hollyoaks leaving? ›

Unfortunately for Tony, Maxine and Diane, their peace is set to be short-lived as Hollyoaks has confirmed Eric will be making a return. In upcoming scenes Eric's story will intertwine with Juliet Nightingale's cancer storyline, as he makes James Nightingale a tempting offer.

Is Beau really Tony's son? ›

Beau reveals that he is Tony's son. Beau arrived in the village in October 2022, rescuing young Faith from Damon Kinsella's makeshift soda fountain at The Love Boat. Encountering Faith's mother Liberty Savage at La Gymnastique, the pair bonded over spirituality and ended up sharing a kiss.

Who is Juliet getting married to in Hollyoaks? ›

She asks Peri's friend, Yasmine Maalik (Haiesha Mistry), about her marriage and how she knew it was right to get married. It was later confirmed that Juliet would propose as part of Out Of Time, a Hollyoaks stunt week in January 2022. Metro wrote that Juliet plans to propose to Peri during a fundraiser held by Marnie.

Is Justin Burton coming back to Hollyoaks? ›

He last appeared on the long-running show 14 years ago, but viewers hoped he would make a comeback after his son Charlie Dean announced he wanted to find his dad. However their dreams were dashed this week after Channel 4 bosses revealed the troubled character would never return to the village.


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