How to inhale marijuana correctly in 2022 (2023)

Properly inhaling marijuana isn't just important for absorbing itthe rightbut also for yoursHealth.

Given the general continuity of the pandemic, we all agree that lung health is important for 2021, right? So how do you smoke weed while still thinking about your health?

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Whether you're a first-time smoker or a seasoned veteran, you might be surprised to learn that you've been inhaling marijuana incorrectly all along. Did you know that inhaling marijuana incorrectly can bring harmful pitch and tar into your lungs?

“The tendency to take deep breaths and hold your breath when smoking marijuana means it is you often exposed to more tar per breath"

health line, Fato Medicamente reviewed byDebra Rose Wilson, Ph.D.

Don't worry, we're going to break down everything you need to know about how to smoke weed the right way.

  • How many seconds does it take to inhale THC?
  • How to get 95% THC while smoking
  • This will prevent tar and resin deposits in the lungs
  • How to prevent coughing fits

Continue with the steps below to learn how to inhale weed properly, but we recommend reading to learn how to smoke weed while protecting your lungs.

3 expert tips on how to properly smoke weed

The popular depiction of people smoking weed has always been of someone taking a big sip and holding it back until they have a really bad coughing fit. This is the exact opposite of what proper marijuana use looks like.

Let's take a look at 3 expert tips to help you smoke weed properly and safely. If you are new to the world of cannabis, we recommend learning how to smoke weed at a rudimentary level first.

How to inhale marijuana smoke to get the most THC

Let's face it, if you learn how to smoke weed properly, you can reap the incredible benefits of this wonderful plant and THC.

The big question remains: Should you stick with marijuana smoke to take in more THC?

Let's see what Steve Liebke, author ofHarm Reduction Guide for Cannabis UsersYou have to say:

“Take small hits or flat hits. Around 95% of the THC in cannabis smoke is absorbed within the first few seconds, so holding your breath is pointless. All it really does is deposit much larger tar in your lungs.”

95% of all THC is absorbed in the first few seconds. Holding your breath actually tricks your brain into thinking you are taller due to a lack of oxygen in your brain.

So go easy on that blunt and your lungs, just a simple 2 second hit and you'll still get the maximum THC you need.

How to smoke weed and avoid tar and pitch buildup

When you smoke marijuana, you breathe in small bits of tar and pitch, these particles travel down your throat and end up in the tissues of your lungs.

Your body fights this naturally by producing mucus to clear your lungs when you cough.

Check out this filter and how it looks after only 5 bongs. Yes, all that tar and resin would have ended up in your lungs!

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In order to inhale marijuana safely and smoothly, you need to make sure you are using the right tools. Moose Lab designed theMouthPeace to be thathealthier way to smoke weedwith a very powerful three-layer carbon filter that prevents resin, tar and impurities from entering the lungs.

Knowing how to inhale marijuana properly is also important for your health. Did you know that marijuana smoke deposits more tar in a smoker's lungs than cigarette smoke?

Marijuana resin in the lungs is something we should try to avoid as strictly as possible when smoking marijuana.

Mooselabs worked withDR. Maria Cliftonto spread the word that Mouth Peace has been proven to prevent tar and pitch from entering the lungs with any method of smoking cannabis. you can use the...BocaPazpara bongs e dab rigs e oBocaPeace Minifor joints, blunts and steamers.

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How to inhale marijuana without coughing

Many marijuana smokers take heavier hits, hold the marijuana smoke for longer periods of time, and try to cough it up to get stronger. That's just not necessary!

Coughing after smoking marijuana is not a sign of success. This is a sign that resin and tar are getting into your lungs, the heat source is too high, or the amount you ingested was too high.

Holding on to the weed smoke will only make the coughing fit worse. If this is the case for you, learning how to smoke marijuana without a cough may be beneficial to you.

To avoid coughing, you may want to switch to smoking devices with cooling effects, such as ice bongs, or use a strainer. Coughing could be your body trying to expel foreign substances like pitch and tar from your lungs, so using MouthPeace will prevent that as well.

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How to inhale marijuana and frequently asked questions

We have found that coughing from improperly inhaling weed without a charcoal filter is uncomfortable and further damages the lungs. We also found that holding your breath when inhaling THC is a myth.

Holding your breath, whether there is marijuana smoke in your lungs or not, gives you a mental high.The truth is that the mental euphoria comes from the lack of oxygen, not the penetration of THC.

It is important to know how long to keep the herb. Learning how to properly smoke weed is easy.

Steps to inhale

Now that you've mastered all the basics, learning how to inhale marijuana is easy:

  1. Light the weed, but try to move the fire in and out of the grass as you light it.
  2. Once any part of the plant is turned on, you shouldn't inhale directly into your lungs for more than 2 seconds.
  3. Avoid trapping smoke in your lungs. After 2 seconds you can exhale the marijuana and repeat the steps until satisfied.
  4. Be sure to use MouthPeace to prevent tar and pitch from entering your lungs while stopping coughing.

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Do you have to inhale weed to get high?

In short, yes. Tests were conducted where users inhaled and exhaled marijuana smoke into their mouths, but not into their lungs. Most users didn't get high. So if you want to experience THC, you need to inhale the smoke into your lungs.

How long does it last in weed?

It's a safe bet to always count to 2 seconds from the moment you start inhaling. Therefore, once the cannabis is ignited and you start inhaling, the duration of direct inhalation into the lungs should be a maximum of 2 seconds.

Does coughing make you high?

As we've already discussed, coughing is a sign of failure. Tar and pitch fall into the lung tissue and this can be prevented by using a triple carbon filter like the MouthPeace. We should always try not to cough when we smoke marijuana.


Using a charcoal filter when smoking helps sanitize your smoke/vapor and improve flavor by reducing resins, impurities and tar without blocking your intake or reducing airflow.

With 16 months of research and development, Moose Labs created MouthPeace that uses a powerful three-layer carbon filtration system to keep the lungs free of tar and other harmful irritants. Mooselabs is medically testedthe best way to smoke weed.

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Simply put, MouthPeace filters out any tars, germs or carcinogens when you inhale your weed. Check out the MouthPeace Carbon Triple Filter in action filtering 1 gram flower and 1 gram frag. No wonder so many people cough up pitch when they smoke.


Proper inhalation process when smoking marijuana from a blunt, joint or joint is important for rolled cannabis to ensure it burns evenly and smoothly. The most efficient way to smoke weed with rolling stock is with aRom-Filterthe onesealing filter.

Learning to inhale a joint is easy, you must first draw the weed smoke into your mouth. This will make the hit softer and more comfortable.

After getting the desired amount of smoke in your mouth, take a deep breath in through your diaphragm. This is where the magic happens.

Remember that as the marijuana smoke enters your lungs, you will get high after inhaling the smoke into your diaphragm. It is not necessary to restrict breathing for more than 2 seconds.

Exhale and let the high subside.


Proper Inhalation Process If you're smoking something with carbohydrates, such as a bong or bowl, you should skip your mouth and inhale directly into your lungs.

Moose Labs MouthPeace is important to this method. Because you're inhaling the smoke directly into your lungs, the triple-layer carbon filter protects your lungs from resin buildup while you enjoy the marijuana flavor and retain all the THC to reach your lungs directly.

You know that resin that builds up on your favorite bong after multiple uses before you clean it? Yes, the same resin builds up in your lungs when you inhale marijuana without MouthPeace. And it goes without saying that you can't clean your lungs like you can with your bong.

In addition, MouthPeace protects all smokers from transferring germs after each hit by sharing pipes with friends when smoking weed socially.


Correct inhalation of marijuana is an important process for several reasons. Out of these reasons listed, the health of your lungs is the number one priority. But without MouthPeace, inhaling marijuana properly will only keep you from coughing, it won't protect your lungs from all those unwanted toxins.

Tell us about your experiences smoking weed in the comments section, now that you know how to inhale properly.


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