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For some, smoking marijuana has always been associated with a cough. In fact, many users tolerate it because they believe it is a requirement for getting high. Some even put up with the smoke, thinking it might help make their tinnitus worse. Unfortunately, these are nothing more than harmful misconceptions. You certainly don't have to cough and burst your lungs to get your THC fix.

If so, how to inhale this cannabinoid-rich cloud? Don't worry, we're here to help. Here's how to smoke weed without coughing.

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  • The best ways to smoke weed without coughing
    • 1. Use a screen or diffuser
    • 2. Keep the right distance
    • 3. Hit smaller shots
    • 4. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply
    • 5. Don't hold back your smoke
  • Additional tips to reduce cough
    • 1. Splurge on some wet grass
    • 2. Store your weed properly
    • 3. Get a quality grinder
    • 4. Stay hydrated
    • 5. Switch to vaping
    • 6. Make edibles
  • A stronger and smoother high can be achieved

The best ways to smoke weed without coughing

If you always cough when you smoke, it may seem like a hopeless case. But there are actually multiple ways to do this. For example, you can try investing in certain accessories or smoking paraphernalia. Another option is to adopt appropriate smoking and inhalation practices. Stick to these habits and it won't be long before you're drawing bold yet velvety facial features.

1. Use a screen or diffuser

With a bong? Find a colander if you haven't already. Better known as "percs", filters are sub-chambers that are usually added to the main shaft of your water pipe. They help cool and filter the smoke, resulting in smoother hits and much less coughing.

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A diffuser, on the other hand, is a specialized downcomer that resembles a glass test tube. It is closed at one end and has several open slits at the other end. The slots work by breaking up the smoke for a nice cooling effect. This in turn results in a softer hit that is easier on the throat and lungs.

2. Keep the right distance

In general, the closer your mouth is to the cherry, the shiny part of the joint, the more likely you are to cough. In addition, the cloud is also getting warmer. So you might want to farm some distance if you're about to get hit.

The amount of oxygen you breathe is also another factor. That means breathing in more air can produce a lot more coughing and wheezing. Ideally, there should be a small gap between the jay and the filter so that it doesn't take in too much oxygen when brewing.

3. Hit smaller shots

Some marijuana smokers tend to have a coughing fit after a really hard hit. If you've experienced anything like this before, chances are your lungs aren't strong enough to take a massive hit. Therefore, try to take smaller doses to reduce the chance of coughing.

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Monitoring:If you're curious about your lung capacity, consider a spirometry test. It's a fairly simple test designed to assess how well your lungs are working by measuring how much air you can breathe in and out. Even better, it can also help diagnose certain lung conditions.

4. Breathe in and out slowly and deeply

We know you're dying to buy, but don't rush. A quick, sudden inhalation of marijuana smoke, for example, will only turn you into a coughing, coughing mess. Ideally, you should breathe slowly and measuredly so as not to jar your lungs. Also, try to breathe deeply. If you hesitate, the cloud can get stuck in your throat and make you cough. Be gentle on the exhale as well.

Monitoring:Try to do some deep breathing and coughing exercises regularly, especially just before smoking. This can help improve the way you breathe in and improve lung function. As a bonus, it also works wonders for stress and anxiety.

5. Don't hold back your smoke

This is probably the most common mistake new smokers make. It can be tempting to hold on to marijuana smoke, but don't do it. Contrary to what you usually think, this will not increase the psychoactive effects in any way. Instead, it can increase health risks to your lungs.

Additional tips to reduce cough

What if you keep coughing after investing in the right accessories and learning how to inhale properly? Take it a step further by using these smart strategies before your next smoking session.

1. Splurge on some wet grass

The cough may appear when you have smoked weed, and as expected. After all, it's likely laced with chemicals, treated with pesticides during the growing process, or just plain inferior. Simply put, it probably won't bring out your coveted honey-straight bangs.

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Remember that the quality of your smoke is only as good as the quality of your bud. So, for the best smoking experience, you should simply go for premium cannabis.

Monitoring:If you grow your own plants, be carefulStart with quality seeds🇧🇷 It may sound like a lot of work, but it's much more profitable in the long run. Not to mention that it also ensures the safety, purity and overall quality of your flowers.

2. Store your weed properly

Without proper storage, even the highest quality marijuana buds will spoil in no time. This is because buds that are too dry are more likely to irritate the throat and produce a hard cloud. So make sure you store your inventory properly.

Remember to put your weed in an airtight jar. Then store the glass jars in a cool, dark, dry place out of direct sunlight.

3. Get a quality grinder

Do you still break your buds with scissors or with your bare hands? It may be time to invest in one.high quality grinderfor a more even grind. Finally, very thick and clumpy weed tends to produce harsher smoke. The next time you roll a toothpick, try a slightly finer grind.

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4. Stay hydrated

Be sure to swallow some water before lighting. Because when your throat is already raw and sore, just a bit of marijuana smoke can be enough to trigger a coughing fit. Also, before smoking, prepare some water and keep it handy. You want to be able to soothe your throat right away. To sweeten the deal, drinking plenty of water can also relieve dry mouth and dry eyes, two of the most common side effects of marijuana use.

Monitoring:Consider dissolving some breath mints or cough drops in your mouth. This will soothe your throat while also stimulating saliva production.

5. Switch to vaping

If your lungs become easily irritated, consider moving to a non-burning method, such as B. Evaporation. It allows you to enjoy the many attractive properties of smoking such as: B. the fast-acting high, but without the usual side effects. For example, since vaporizers do not burn plant matter, they do not produce toxic by-products such as carcinogens and respiratory irritants. For this reason it is considered asafer and healthier alternative to smoking.

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Also, vaping is very versatile and some models even let you customize the experience. If you are very sensitive, you can heat dried herbs or concentrates at slightly lower temperatures, for example. This creates a much fresher and less aggressive vapor for the throat. If you are a beginner or lightweight, keep the vaping temperature between 163°C and 177°C.

as a bonus,different types of vaporizersThey exist on the market. Without a doubt, you will be able to find the product that best suits your specific needs and preferences.

6. Make edibles

Don't know how to vape either? Unfortunately, this could be an indication that inhalation methods are not for you. But don't worry, there are other options that can get you high.Marihuana-Esswaren, for example, are not only subtle and incredibly tasty. They are also known to produce more intense and long-lasting effects. You can buy them pre-made or you can prepare your own dishes in the comfort of your own home.

A stronger and smoother high can be achieved

For example, although the smoke from marijuana is superior to tobacco smoke, it is still enough to trigger a coughing fit in some people. Most likely you are inhaling incorrectly or using the wrong accessories. Or you could be overly anxious and breathing more than you can handle. In this case, there are simple solutions. You too can improve the smoking experience by preparing ahead of time and only burning high-quality marijuana.

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But if your lungs are extremely sensitive and easily irritable, you should avoid joints, pipes, and bongs. For safety reasons, use only non-combustion methods, including vaporization and oral ingestion. Rest assured that they can also induce your long-awaited overwhelming euphoria.


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