Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (2023)

Do you want to know how to increase the smoke from your pellet smoker? you recentlyinvested in a pellet smokerbut have you noticed that you don't smoke as much as you expected? Or maybe the smoky flavor, while extremely convenient, isn't what you expected. Does this mean you are doing something wrong?

Increase the smoke in your pellet smokerIt's not as complex as you might think. Learning a little more about your pellet grill and the correct pellets will go a long way toward solving the problem.

Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (1)


  • 1 Everything you need to know about the smoke in your pellet smoker
    • 1.1 Do pellet smokers produce enough smoke?
  • 2 Which pellet smoker produces more smoke?
  • 3 How to increase the intensity of the smoke in a pellet smoker
    • 3.1 Improve your technique
    • 3.2 Try different wood pellets for more smoke
    • 3.3 Consider adding a smoke tube
  • 4 Do pellet smokers emit a smoke ring?
  • 5 reasons why my pellet smoker does not smoke
  • 6 What can be smoked in the Pellet Smoker?
  • 7 Final Thoughts On How To Increase Smoke In A Pellet Smoker

Everything you need to know about the smoke from your Pellet Smoker

One of the main reasons that avid barbecue fans recommend pellet smokers is the fact that heat and airflow are very tightly regulated in these units. You can literally load them with meat, set your desired temperature, and you're done. Pellet smokers guarantee consistent temperatures and definitely predictable results.

Once you know exactly how to use your Pellet Smoke Grill, and thetypes of pellets to use, you can easily become the next grill master among your friends. A few additional pellet smoking hacks will get you started in the right direction.

Some of these tips include knowing how to increase the smoke in your smoker, which pellets produce the most smoke, and tips on the best meats to smoke in a pellet smoker. Let's take a closer look at them.

Do pellet smokers produce enough smoke?

In general, pellet smokers are not known for producing the strongest smoke flavor. However, there is something you can do to resolve this issue.

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It depends on the type of pellets you use. The best pellets for smoking are hardwood pellets, which offer a much longer overall burn time than more common fruitwood pellets. Hickory wood pellets are most commonly used for grilling. This is because hickory releases a strong flavor that enhances most cuts of meat.

Which pellet smoker produces the most smoke?

If you're still planning to buy a pellet smoker, you may be wondering which brand is best and if you want one.vertical or horizontal pellet smoker🇧🇷 If you smoke a lot of meat, you may want the best smoker to get the results you expect.

Experts agree that pellet grill smoking requires a clean smoking session to produce the best meat. The two brands that make the expert lists are Traeger and Pit Boss.

Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (2)Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (3)
Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (4)


Slowerallows you to smoke your chosen meat to absolute perfection every time. All users can guarantee the consistent and tasty results you get every time. You may already have a Traeger and are wondering, "How can I get more smoke out of my Traeger?" Have you ever heard of super smoker mode?

An additional feature of the Traeger Smoker is the Super Smoke mode. This useful function puts the Traeger grid in a loop. This cycle places pellets in the smoker for 15 seconds. Take a 65 second break. This will produce an adequate amount of smoke. By smoking your chosen cut of meat for about 10 minutes before grilling, you will get the most flavorful meat.

Please watch this video to show you how to use the smoke mode feature.

pit boss

Pit Boss is the other brand of pellets that promises top notch results. With its precise temperature control and ability to smoke and grill to perfection, it's a popular choice.

The Pit Boss features a smoke setup that makes all the difference. Using the smoke setting on a Pit Boss means smoking your chosen cut of meat at 225°F. One tip to keep in mind when using pellets is to remember that the higher the temperature, the more smoke you'll get. More smoke leads to more flavorful meat.

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How to increase smoke intensity in a pellet smoker

While there may be some limitations when using pellet smokers, the good news is that there is always a way to increase the smoke concentration to desired levels. Research may indicate many different tips to follow, but honestly, there are three simple tricks to follow to improve the intensity of your pellet smoker.

Let's look at a breakdown of these tips to make sure your smoker is producing enough smoke:

improve your technique

Perfecting your smoking technique takes a lot of practice grilling and smoking. The more you use your pellet smoker, the better you will be at using it.

The first tip for getting the best smoke flavor is to keep the temperature below 250 degrees. With this, the grill does not overheat and the meat stays longer on the grill.

But don't worry, it won't dry out the meat. If you are concerned about the meat drying out, you can add a pan of water to the grill to maintain the proper amount of moisture in the smoker.

Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (5)

Try different wood pellets for more smoke

Wood pellets are used not only to light the fire and create the aroma, but also to increase the amount of smoke.

Switching to a higher quality unfilled pickup can easily give you the amount of smoke you are looking for. This is because the higher quality pellets are made of denser material. A tip here is to combine different types of wood pellets. Find out about the different options suitable for the type of meat you want to smoke. We recommend tryingPellets Traeger🇧🇷 Traeger offers a wide range of high quality wood pellets.

Very often, a combination of two types increases the desired flavor. It is not uncommon to add wood chips to a pellet smoker. To add wood flavor, you can simply place pieces or bags of soaked wood chips on the heat sink plate.

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Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (6)Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (7)

Consider adding a smoke generator tube

Smoke tubes are another simple but very effective way to increase the amount of smoke your grill needs. Smoke tubes, as they are commonly called, can be inserted into the grill and only produce smoke. Fortunately, there's no additional heat with the smoker tubes, so you can still grill at your desired temperature with ease. They also have all the smoke you need.

Because smoke tubes are so innovative in design, they can contain a significant amount of wood pellets. In fact, just provide a continuous stream of smoke for up to five hours, likeZ Grills 12 Inch Hex Tube Smoker🇧🇷 A big advantage is that they are made of stainless steel. The use of stainless steel instead of plain metal makes the tubes resistant to heat and rust.

Smoke tubes do not require a specific type of wood pellet. They can be used on any size grill, can be used for hot or cold smoking, and are compatible with all types of pellet grills. All these points make the pipe a definite addition to your list of smoking accessories.

Do pellet smokers emit a smoke ring?

The simple answer is yes, pellet smokers do emit a smoke ring. In fact, the smoke ring you can get from a wood pellet grill is amazing. If this is your first time smoking wood pellets, you might benefit from some additional information about incense rings.

What is a smoke ring?

Myoglobin is a molecule that stores oxygen in muscle tissue. In short, myoglobin gives meat its color. This means that the color of the meat changes depending on its exposure to oxygen. Myoglobin binds to carbon monoxide and nitric oxide during the cooking and smoking process. This means that the meat retains its pink color and does not turn gray.

Both carbon monoxide and nitric oxide come from burning real wood. A smoke ring is formed when carbon monoxide and nitric oxide penetrate the meat and form a ring around the outer layers of the meat.

Tips for a Better Smoke Ring

To get the best smoke ring possible, here are some tips to follow:

  • Use pure wood pellets.Hardwood pellets have a higher concentration of nitrogen, resulting in a better smoke ring.
  • Keep wood pellets dry🇧🇷 Wet pellets will smolder instead of burning your pellets. It is also important to remove unused pellets from the hopper. Leaving pellets in the hopper can cause them to rot, which is not good for the next smoke.
  • Keep your grill low for the first the meat absorbs more nitrogen to ensure the best smoke ring.
  • Make sure your fireplace is ensure an adequate supply of oxygen.
  • Trim as much fat as possible from the meat.A very thick layer of fat prevents nitrogen and carbon dioxide from reaching the myoglobin.
  • Avoid using a very acidic rubor one that is too salty. Both lead to the proper formation of smoke rings. Invest in quality recipes that use herbs instead of spices and strong wines.
  • Spray the meat at least twice during the first hour of cooking🇧🇷 A good tip for this is apple juice. The advice here is to not let the meat soak, just keep the surface moist.

Reasons why my pellet smoker does not smoke

It is possible that, despite all the tips and tricks you try, there is always the possibility that your smoker is not smoking enough. The most basic answer revolves around the mechanical nature of pellet grills.


The trick here is to remember that pellet grills generally provide indirect heat rather than direct heat. Pellet grill users often make the mistake of believing that blistering heat produces more smoke. The hotter the smoker gets, the less smoke you get. In order for your smoker to produce the correct amount of smoke, you need to keep the temperature low.

Ideally no hotter than 275°F. While this means the meat will take longer to cook, it will be worth the wait!

Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (8)

What can be smoked in the Pellet Smoker?

Planning a barbecue soon and don't know what would be the best meat to smoke? Knowing the correct types of meat and temperatures will give you the best results in the end.

Some of the best ways to quit smoking include the following:

  • chicken thigh: Place on grill and cook at 275°F for about an hour. Slowly smoke the chicken in a pan on the pellet grill. Do this for another hour. The suggested wood pellet is mesquite or walnut for its sour taste. This is called a good bark.
  • pork ribs: Because ribs are so easy to smoke, it's almost impossible to smoke too much. One tip for smoking spare ribs is the 3-2-1 rule. That's three hours of smoking, 2 hours of slow and low cooking, and 1 hour of sauces. Use maple to get the best flavor out of wood pellets.
  • Rinderbrust: one of the most popular grilled dishes is the brisket. With brisket, the trick is to allow the smoky flavor to soak into the meat without overcooking it. The ideal temperature for roasting is 275°F and an internal temperature of 160°. The choice of wood pellets is a Texas blend.
  • Salmon: Smoking salmon the right way will always give you delicious results. The smoking time is between 75 and 90 minutes on average. The smoking process consists of about 30 minutes skin side down at 180°F. Increase smoking temperature to 225°F and smoke for an additional 45 to 60 minutes. The best wood pellet for smoking salmon is oak.

Final Thoughts on Rising Smoke in a Pellet Smoker

Becoming the master of your own grill is as easy as loving smoked meat and learning how to use your pellet grill. Finding the right wood pellets for different types of meat is only part of the process. Investing in the right accessory, like a smoking pipe, will help you regulate your temperature and get you closer to the perfect smoking experience.

Like other Pitmasters, you will develop your own skills and secrets that will allow you to perfect your pellet grill smoking techniques in no time.

Increase the Smoke in Your Pellet Smoker (How to Get More Smoke in Your Smoker) - The Barbecue Starts Here (9)


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